A global platform tailored
for your green company


Work plan
is optimized

Employees’ work
is more efficient

Data adds value
to work

A management system tapered for your Company

Green is an applicative service of global management branded by Welcome2©, provided in Saas (Software as a service). It is available online and it doesn’t need any investement from the client. It allows the user to manage every company aspect in an innovative way. From computer or smartphone; it is a holistic system that assures total transparency.
It manages every business activity (also any external activities) via the scheduler: work plans can be easily distributed, assignment modes can be automatically scheduled to assign tasks and responsibilities to each department.

It allows your Company to organize and verify activities from the web

Green allows the management, the monitoring and the traceability of all external activities, thanks to the information sent via the App collected by the field employees. Data from field assignments can be viewed quickly and easily facilitating the compiling of reliable statistics, leading to more accurate forecasting. The need for paper is eliminated resulting in significant time and cost saving while increasing quality and security.
Green can be used by client and supplier; they contract the service on the Welcome2© system. Using the system the supplier and the client negotiate the contract and write the documentation and rules of the agreement.

Create a more efficient working environment and reduce costs

Then the supplier conducts a census of all arboreal assets so that the client can see the trees in question on google map and view the information provided by the census. Green allows every employee to clock in and out, to send expense sheet from their smartphone, and the company can monitor every movement or break of employees in realtime. The supplier can generate a work calendar that is automatically optimized by the system. On the calendar it shows the workload, the geographical position of green sites and teams, the employees’ qualifications and the available tools; then the calendar is sent to the employees at the work sites.

Green automatically provides necessary certifications

The staff carries out the activity received by the app, shows they are using the proper security devices, certifies the safe and correct execution of their work with photos and declares the beginning and ending times. In every moment the client can monitor progress of the work and in realtime can read any feedback from the field. All of this is respecting the laws, certifications of quality and that the staff is working in total security

Can grow and innovate

While using Green the work done is more efficient, optimized, certified and standardized. The system provides interconnection and automation changing the company for the good. Green allows total cooperation with other management systems used by the company. It follows ISO standards and it helps to achieve the certifications required by ISO. It adapts the company to comply with any laws in the field of Safety and Workplace Prevention. 
Every phase of work can be monitored real time and managed easily. The functions are available on the Cloud with a monthly fee on the internet, without costs of investements.
In summary Green can: organize and verify every activity linked to planning, realization and maintenance of public and private areas; simplifies bureacracy and optimizes costs and benefits