A global platform tailored
for your green company


Refining and enhancing green management means knowing the information and always having it available, therefore being able to consult the data, planning interventions effectively, declaring jobs and costs in a correct way.

Require informations or demo


Can you try the system before paying for the full version?

YES. It’s possible to use a demo version by clicking the button “require demo” on the page “use me”.

Is it difficult to use?

NO. The system is designed to simplify the work of a company; furthermore it is possible to participate in a training course or use telephonic assistance.

Does the system come with the ability to cooperate with sensors?

YES. The system is able to integrate with every type of sensor, camera or device on the field.

Does it communicate with other management systems?

YES. The system was designed to cooperate perfectly with other management systems.

Does the mobile app work if there is no signal to connect to?

YES. The App works offline, the operator can create comments which will be sent once there is signal again.